Psych books

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Organizational & Industrial Psychology

Companies Are People, Too Discover, Develop, and Grow Your Organization’s True Personality – Sandra Fekete

Discrimination at Work The Psychological and Organizational Bases – Robert L. Dipboye

International Review of Industrial and Organizational Psychology Vol 20 – Gerard P. Hodgkinson

Managing Psychological Factors in Information Systems Work An Orientation to Emotional Intelligence – Eugene Kaluzniacky

Organizational Psychology a scientist-practitioner approach – Steve M. Jex

Personality And Organizations – Benjamin Schneider

Personality and Work Reconsidering the Role of Personality in Organizations – Murray R. Barrick

Psychological Management of Individual Performance – Sabine Sonnentag



Role of General Mental Ability in Industrial, Work, and Organizational Psychology – Deniz S. Ones

The Psychology of Leadership New Perspectives and Research – David M. Messick

Work and Life Integration Organizational, Cultural, and Individual Perspectives – Ellen Ernst Kossek

Cognitive Psychology Books

Active Vision The Psychology of Looking and Seeing – John M. Findlay

Behavior Analysis and Learning 3rd Ed – W. David Pierce.pdf

Cognition and Multi-Agent Interaction From Cognitive Modeling to Social Simulation – RON SUN

Cognitive Science Dictionary

Decision Analysis for Management Judgment 3rd Ed – Paul Goodwin

decision theory A Brief Introduction

Foundations Of Cognitive Psychology – Daniel Levitin

Grounding Cognition The Role of Perception and Action in Memory, Language, and Thinking – DIANE PECHER

handbook Of Cognition And Emotion – Tim Dalgleish

Learning And Memory The Brain In Action – Marilee Sprenger

MIND AS MOTION – Explorations in the Dynamics of Cognition – Robert F. Port

Modularity in Knowledge Representation and Natural-Language Understanding – Jay L. Garfield

Perception and Illusion Historical Perspectives – Nicholas J. Wade

You get the idea. The books are listed merely to be helpful. There is more than 1 gb of books available on all streams of psychology – Abnormal psychology, Biological psychology, Clinical Psychology, Developmental psychology, DSM-IV (TR), Educational psychology, Forensic psychology, General, Handbook Of Psychology Vol 01 – 12, Health psychology, Personality psychology, Psychiatry, and Social psychology. Feel free to download if it helps.


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